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Everybody has a dream.
Whether that dream is an ambitious one the world will embrace or a simple dream of hopes for each next day, dreaming itself makes our lives that much more pleasant. Now that I reminisce, my dream of traveling around the world probably sprouted during my adolescent age, as my father told me tales under a lamp light about different worlds and different places.

40 years have passed since then, and I, along with my loving wife and children who I find to have all of sudden outgrown even myself, set sail in search of that childhood dream.

I believe life is all about choices.
In my late forties, a time in life most people consider to be most important, I've made a choice to realize the dream of traveling the world and have decided to do that with my family. In the meanwhile, many things had to be excluded from my range of choices.

Actually, there isn't anything special I expect from this trip: it's not like the world is going to change because our family went traveling around the globe and both myself and family will probably the stay the same as before we leave on the trip. This trip might even prove to be the result of an imprudent thought. But one thing is certain: both I and my family will be able to live out our lives with little bit more spiritual freedom gained from the confidence of having had realized our dream.

The purpose of this trip is divided right down the middle as a trip of seeing and a trip of showing (Samulnori performances). In honesty though, I'm most excited about rediscovering the true nature of my family. I expect the family conversations we'll share during the trip within the next year or so will probably amount to be greater than all the talks we'll have as a family for the rest of our lives.
I hope these conversations will help us confide in one another little more and that this confidence in one another will serve as a solid basis for the future of our family. Whatever the peril, trust and love of the family will guide the way.

Our family would like to take this opportunity and thank our grandparents for being the pillars for the family all these years. Without them, our dream would've ended as just that: a dream. And we'd also like to extend our gratitude for all our relatives who've helped and supported us from the beginning.

On a closing remark, we thank all those who provide our family with courage and support on our journey. Thank you.

- Gongsaemi Papa -

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